Enrollment range

1. Guitar major, or other music major

2. People engaged in the guitar performance industry

3. Other persons who meet the requirements of the master class

Teaching content

I student playing

Some students were invited to perform on the spot;

Master II pointing

After the students finish playing,

The master puts forward suggestions for improvement from the aspects of the rhythm, details and fingering of the songs, and points them in a targeted manner;

Heavy lecturer

1. French guitarist: Jeremy Rover


The world's popular French guitar player, Grammy Award nominee, GFA and many other international top guitar competition champions, the current GFA and many other international top competition judges.

In 2003, winning in the GFA contest allowed him to tour the North American region for five months and recorded the first Naxos record, followed by two difficult Joaquin Rodriguez recordings. Guitar solo record. MelBay produced a DVD (2009) recorded at the concert; another CD was a model recording of his duo with the flute, which was nominated for the 2014 Grammy Award.

Personal honor

Peloponnese Guitar Festival (Greece, 2016)

Certamen Comarca el Condado (Spain, 2015)

Hermoupolis Guitar Festival (Syros, Greece, 2014)

Andres Segovia (Linale, Spain, 2014)

Fiuggi Guitar Festival (Fiufi, Italy, 2014)

Villa de Aranda (Spain)

Vienna Guitar Competition (Austria)

Enrico Mercatali Guitar Competition (Italy)

Sinaia Festival (Romania)

Guitar Art’ festival (Serbia)

ÖJAB (Vienna)


2. Belarusian guitarist: Pavel Kukhta

帕维尔·库赫塔(Pavel Kukhta).png

Pavel graduated from the Belarusian National Conservatory of Music in Minsk and studied under Professor V. Zakharov. Pavel has participated in many master classes of famous guitarists such as P.Romero, D.Russell, H.Keppel, O.Ghiglia, C.Marchione, etc.

Personal honor

L Francisco Tarrega International Guitar Competition (Benicasim, Spain) second prize, audience selection award and F.Tarrega best interpretation music award (2016);

Third Prize of the 34th International Concert Artists Competition (Denver, USA) (2016);

XXX Andres Segovia International Guitar Competition (Spain, Almunecar) second prize (2014);

The 48th Francisco Tarrega International Guitar Competition (Benicasim, Spain) - Second Prize and Audience Choice Award (2014);

The 2nd Alexis Horeif International Guitar Competition (Russia, St. Petersburg) First Prize and Audience Choice Award (2014);

XLV Michele Pittaluga International Guitar Competition (Italy, Alexandria) - Third Prize (2012);

3. Classical Guitar Master: Isaac Bustos


"Texas Quartet" member, the group was founded in 2008, members including Isaac Bustos, Jay Kachschi, Alejandro Montier and Joseph Palmer, classical The guitar magazine is hailed as "all aspects are impeccable."

The Quartet is a member of the Texas Committee and has been included in the Artists Roving Artists List since 2010. The superb performance and the relentless pursuit of clarity, balance and sophistication make the Quartet one of the leading guitar quartets. Red Red is the first album of the "Quartet", which has been widely praised by the industry and praised by Guitar International as "a great achievement of classical guitar. In the summer of 2015, the "Quartet" held a series of concerts at the historical cathedral in Santiago, Spain.

4. Serbian guitar player: Ivan Petryevich


In the early years, he studied with Ante Cagalj and Croatia at the "Elly Basic" Conservatory in Zagreb, and then went to the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna and the University of Music and Art in Cologne, Germany, to continue his studies with Alvaro Pierri, Walter Würdinger and Roberto Aussel.

In 2009, Ivan joined the "Live Music Now" program of the Yehudi Menuhin's Foundation and held numerous music recitals in the cities of the Foundation, Vienna and Cologne. In the same year, he was nominated by the University of Vienna as the most competitive successful performer and was awarded the honorary prize by the “Tokyo Foundation” and the “Victor Benze Foundation”.

Personal honor

“Peloponnese Guitar Festival” (Greece, 2016);

“Certamen Comarca el Condado” (Spain, 2015);

“Hermoupolis Guitar Festival” (Syros, Greece, 2014);

"Andres Segovia" (Linale, Spain, 2014);

“Fiuggi Guitar Festival” (Fiufi, Italy, 2014);

"Villa de Aranda" (Spain);

"Vienna Guitar Competition" (Austria);

"Enrico Mercatali" Guitar Competition (Italy);

 "Sinaia Festival" (Romania);

 "Guitar Art" festival (Serbia);

 "ÖJAB" (Vienna).

5. Classical Guitar Master: Grigory Novikov


Born in Kirov, Russia in 1979, he studied under Professor Vera Tataurova.

From 1997 to 2006, he studied at the Conservatory of Music in Kirov and Novgorod, and before that he studied in the senior professor class directed by Vladimir Mityakov of the Novgorod Conservatory.

Since 2011, he has served as Director of the Matyaev International Guitar Music Festival in Kirov, Russia.

Since 2010, Grigory has signed a formal contract with the Malaysian Rutiya guitar and the French guitar string company Savales Savarez.

In 2013, the Asia Pacific Brand Fund awarded the Grigory Novikov Personal Brand Award.

Personal honor

First Prize of the International Guitar Music Festival (Greece 2009)

First Prize in the International Guitar Competition (Italy 2008)

First Prize of Thailand International Guitar Music Festival (Thailand 2008)

Second Prize of the International Guitar Music Festival (France, 2007)

Second Prize of the International Music Festival (Russia 2006)

First Prize of the Russian FSI Competition (2004)

Third Prize of the Russian FSI Competition (2003)

Best Music Performance Award (2005)

First Prize of the Russian FSI Competition (1999)

Time / location / cost / quota

1. Training time:

July 15th 14:00-17:30 Jeremy Master Class

July 15th 14:00-17:30 Isaac Master Class

July 16 14:00-17:30 Ivan Master Class

July 16 14:00-17:30 Grigory Master Class

July 17 14:00-17:30 Pavel Master Class

2. Training Location: Nanyuan Primary School, Futian District, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

3. Expense description: 800 yuan / person

4. Quota restrictions: up to 6 people per game

Registration entrance

If you are interested in attending, please scan the code registration:

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  Jeremy Master Class


  Pavel Master Class


  Ivan Master Class



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