Participants sign up for attention

1. Registration of foreign players

Foreign players are requested to complete the registration and check-in at Luoshan Renshanheng Hotel from 14:00-18:00 on July 14th, and receive a handbag (with a player's card in the bag; a gift bag; tickets for all the festivals); Commemorative badge; event album). All players need to gather at the hall at 17:00, and take a bus to Huaqiang North Liancheng Zhenxing Restaurant to attend the welcome banquet.

2. Shenzhen local players sign up

Local players in Shenzhen are required to complete the registration at the security room of Shangbu Middle School in Futian District from 16:00 to 20:00 on July 14 to collect the handbag (the player's card is included in the bag; the gift bag; the ticket for the selected program of the player; the player) Commemorative badge; event album).

3. Hotel Traffic Guide

Renshan Heng Hotel is located near the exit A1 of Xixicun Station on Metro Line 9. If you are flying by plane, please take Metro Line 11 to Hongshuwan South Station and turn to Line 9; if you are taking the high-speed rail, please Take Metro Line 2 to Jingtian Station and turn to Line 9 (get off at Futian Station) or take Metro Line 4 to Shangmeilin Station and turn to Line 9 (Shenzhen North). If you are taking the train to Luohu Railway Station, please Take a taxi directly to the hotel.

4. Shangbu Middle School Traffic Guide

Shangbu Middle School is located at No. 2, Huafa South Road, Futian District. It is a 5-minute walk from Exit A of Huaqiang South Station on Line 7, and it takes 5 minutes by bus from Shangbu Middle School.


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