The Classical Guitar Open Group Qualification Register is hot!

The first Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival, provided by the Chinese Musical Instrument Association, sponsored by the Shenzhen Musical Instrument Industry Association and the Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival Organizing Committee, consisting of Shenzhen Guitar Association, Shenzhen Ukulele Association, Shenzhen Nanyuan Cultural Station, and Longyi Education, Guangdong Jiantai Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and Youbangle Space jointly organized. There are 17 groups in this festival, and the classical guitar open group award is the most rewarding.

The classical guitar open group registration is not limited to age and gender. The official competition consists of three rounds: 1-2 songs (8-10 minutes) in the preliminary competition, including at least one of the Renaissance or Baroque style works; semi-final performances of the selected music 2-3 songs (13-15 minutes), the songs must not be the same as the first round, the period and style of the works are not limited; the finals need to play the organizing committee to specify the tracks: French Dupresisi works plus optional music (style is not limited, 15 -18 minutes).

Reward description

First place (champion): $5,000 + certificate + trophy

Second place ( runner-up): $3,000 + certificate + trophy

Third place (third runner-up): 2000 dollars + certificate + trophy

Fourth place: certificate + medal + Natasha single classical guitar (model t-65 price ¥ 16600 yuan)

Fifth place: certificate + medal + Natasha single classical guitar (model t-55 price ¥ 9800 yuan)

Sixth place: certificate + medal + Natasha single classical guitar (model t-53 price ¥ 7800 yuan)

Remarks: All the open group players who entered the finals will be awarded a certificate of honor; the open group participants will be awarded a commemorative certificate.

The registration for the Open Qualifying Tournament will expire at 18:00 on July 13th. Teachers, students and guitar enthusiasts from all music schools are welcome to register!

sign-up process

1. Scan the group QR code to enter the registration page (as shown below):


2. Fill in the personal information and the video URL link in the registration information field (as shown below):


pay attention

The length of the performance video should be no less than 2 minutes; in order to facilitate the judges' review, please record the performance video in advance and upload it to the video sharing platform (such as Tencent Video, Iqiyi Video, Youku Tudou Video, etc.), and submit the video URL in the registration form. link.

  Registration entrance

  If you are interested, please scan the QR code below:


Attachment: List of open group finalists (updated):

0001 Liu Shenghao

0002 Wu Siqi

0003 Zhou Li vanadium

0004 Zhang Jingrun

0005 Yin Miaoqi

0006 Chen Kehan

0007 丘瑞铖

0008 Zou Yunan

0009 Liu Yuxiang

0010 Ilija Tosic (Germany)

0011 Ravisut Patipatvasin (Thailand)

0012 Zhang Yifan

0013 Chen Siqi

0014 Cai Kaien

0015 Zhu Xiai

0016 Guo Yufei

0017 Zhang Yang

0018 Kong Weiyi

0019 Huang Yuyuan


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