Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival Opening Ceremony


The first Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival will be officially opened at the Shangqi Middle School Auditorium on July 14, 2019.


The Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival is part of the 2nd Shenzhen Musical Instrument Culture Festival, which is guided by the Chinese Musical Instrument Association and hosted by the Shenzhen Musical Instrument Industry Association and the Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival Organizing Committee. The festival will last for 5 days and will feature 17 guitar competitions, 16 large concerts, 5 guitar master classes, 6 music lectures, 1 handmade piano exhibition, 1 instrument appreciation session, 1 time. City tour.


Welcome friends who love guitar art to witness!


Opening process


1. Introducing the Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival by the host

2. Introduced by the host

3. Guest speech

4. Festival launching ceremony

5. Opening concert


Opening concert track


1. Ukulele's happy opening


Huang Yongming _ copy.png

Huang Yongming

While My Guitar Gently Weeps

When my guitar is crying tenderly



Lin Zikai

Driving by the sea


2. Classical guitar performance continues


Li Zezhen.jpg

Li Zezhen (2019GFA Junior Group Champion)

"Passacaglia" composed by Joaquin Rodrigo

Passacaglia - Joaquin Rodrigo (5 minutes)


Ding Zhixin.jpg

Ding Zhixin

"Aria con Variazioni" composed by Girolamo Frescobaldi (1583-1643)

Lyric theme and variation - Girolama Fresco Baldi (8 minutes)



Deng Yuda & Zhang Congyi Duo

"Tico Tico" composed by Zequinha de Abreu (1880-1935)

Skylark - Zekunha Abru (4 minutes)


Sun Wei.jpg

Sun Wei

"Variations on an Anatolian folk song" composed by Carlo Domenicone

Anatolia - Carlo Dominicani (8 minutes)


Grigor Novikov.png

Grigory Novikov

"Rhapsody" composed by A.Shevchenko Karpatian

Rhapsody - Shevchenko Kappadian (5 minutes)


Reverb trio 3.jpg

"Reverberation" trio

"Fuga y misterio" composed by Astor Pantaleón Piazzolla

Fugue and mystery - Astor Pantalion Piazzolla (4 minutes)


Pavel Kukhta.png

Pavel Kukhta

 "The Carnival in Venice" composed by F. Tarrega.

Venice Carnival - Terega (8 minutes)


Ivan Petricevic 2.jpg

Ivan Petrijevic

"Partita 2 , BWV 1004 , Chaconne " composed by Johann Sebastian Bach

Just empty - Johann Sebastian Bach (18 minutes)


Texas Guitar Quartet.png

Texas Quartet

"Introduction & Fandango" composed by Luigi Boccherini (1743 - 1805)

Introduction and Vandango - Luigi Bauerini (6 minutes)


Jérémy Jouve.png

Jeremy Joff

"Oulan Bator" composed by Mathias Duplessy

Ulaanbaatar - Matthias Duprech (7 minutes)


3. Flamenco ends enthusiastically


Gypsy Guitar Duo.png

Gypsy duo

"Rio Ancho" composed by Paco de Lucia

Brooklyn - Park de Lucia (5 minutes)


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