Renaud Lécuyer (born 25 April 1978 in Maubeuge, Northern France) began learning music and playing the guitar at the age of 6. He was awarded two first prizes and two proficiency degrees of guitar and

  chamber music at the Regional Conservatory of Reims (Champagne, France).

He was later admitted at the Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse de musique de Paris (CNSMDP) and participated to various master classes. He had the great opportunity to study with well known guitar virtuosos and music teachers, notably Oscar Caceres, Gérard Abiton, Olivier Chassain and Edith Lejet.

Eager to explore all domains in relation to music, he supplemented his educational background by a degree in musicology and administration of music at the University of Paris IV - La Sorbonne.

 Then, he performed in various cities across Europe as a soloist, with chamber music or orchestras.

In 2003, he chose to settle down in Luxembourg to pursue his career as a music teacher in the Music schools of Bascharage and Dudelange. At the same time, he started composing music.

Being the only musician in his family, curious and passionate, his musical composition goes from pieces for soloists (guitar, piano) to chamber or orchestra music. Inspired by numerous influences, he likes to combine different musical styles giving a multicultural and universal dimension to his work. Each work is conceived as a unique opportunity to honour and celebrate an instrument and a performer, while staying true to the personal vision of his art : “Music is an unwitting pictorial art ; it calls upon everybody’s imagination to unveil itself”.


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