| Background Introduction

In 2018, Shenzhen successfully ranked among the first-tier cities in the world. With the rapid development of economy, the Shenzhen government has continuously supported the development of culture. It has turned the Cultural Expo into a cultural business card of Shenzhen. In the promotion of music and art, the Shenzhen Musical Instrument Industry Association has taken the lead in organizing the Shenzhen Musical Instrument Culture Festival from 2018 to strive to create cultural expositions in the field of music.

Guitar, as an important part of the field of musical instruments, has been playing a professional role in the Musical Instrument Culture Festival. This year's Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival is a world-class event in the face of the international tide of building a new era in Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao.

| 2. Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival

Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival: a world-class event!

Guided by China Musical Instrument Association, sponsored by Shenzhen Musical Instrument Industry Association and the Organizing Committee of Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival, and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Guitar Association, Shenzhen Yukeri Association, Shenzhen Nanyuan Cultural Station, Longyi Education, Shenzhen Muxing Planning and Design Co., Ltd. and Youbangle Space, the aim is to promote the development of Guitar Art and promote the world-class guitar lovers and practitioners. Cultural exchanges stimulate music Lovers'love for guitar, and at the same time enhance their appreciation of the music art of guitar. The Guitar Art Festival is held not only to provide an international platform for guitar lovers to show themselves, but also to help the development of personality culture in Shenzhen and add a bright color to the display of charm in Shenzhen.

The activities include:

Competition | Concert | Master Class | Lecture | Hand-made Piano Exhibition | Shenzhen City Sightseeing, etc.

It will be held in Shenzhen on July 14, 2019. Jeremy Rufu, a famous classical guitar artist, will be the art director and Wu Zibiao, the honorary president of Guangdong Guitar Research Association, will be the art consultant. In addition, the organizing committee has invited several internationally renowned guitar artists and various groups, who will give you wonderful performances during the festival.

The festival will last for 5 days. Guitar fans and music fans are welcome to participate actively.

In this activity, the participants can enjoy the concerts of guitar and famous Euclideans; the students of guitar specialty can sign up for the Master Class (open on-site classes are open to all the participants); the music lovers can increase their knowledge, broaden their horizons and make more music-loving friends; the foreign friends can enjoy Shenzhen by participating in the art festival. The beauty of modern city - witness the different music culture of Shenzhen which is in line with international standards!

| 3. Introduction of movable plate

| Guitar Competition

According to age and professional arrangement, senior guitar teachers and well-known musicians at home and abroad are invited to comment and score on the spot. Competitors with qualifications will be selected to compete in Shenzhen in various sub-competitions and online qualifications (the qualifications will be organized by local cooperative associations or organizations, details of which are referred to in the rules of the competition). Preliminary and final stages will be set up in the main venue (Note: Classical Guitar Gong). Open three rounds of competitions, free and open to guitar artists all over the world and domestic guitar professional teachers and students, and provide high bonus support! Competitions in other groups encourage more domestic players to participate in, study, watch and experience!


Including classical guitar, finger guitar, ballad guitar, Yucreli, plucked music and other performance projects, invite well-known guitar performers at home and abroad to perform on stage;

Master master

Master courses are offered by invited top international masters. Professional players are welcome to register for the courses.

| Lectures on special topics

Guitar lectures are offered by well-known guitarists at home and abroad, which teach the history of guitar development, knowledge of guitar performance and maintenance, and free to ask questions on the spot.

| Handmade Piano Fair

Carry forward the spirit of craftsmen, display all kinds of handmade musical instruments, support free trade;

| City Sightseeing in Shenzhen

On the last day of the event, we will arrange to visit the famous scenic spots in Shenzhen for city sightseeing and interactive activities.

| Introduction of Expert Team

This event aims to create a world-class guitar culture and Art Festival and become a business card of music culture in Shenzhen. At present, many foreign experts are invited to participate in this event.

| Famous classical guitar artist

J r my Jouve

Ivan Petricevic

Pavel Kukhta

Grigory Novikov

Texas Guitar Quartet

| Flamengo guitarist

Ivan Dorzhiev

George Margiev

Note: The list of domestic guests is being perfected, please pay attention to the follow-up detailed reports!

| V. Activity Process Arrangement

| 1. Qualifications in sub-contest areas:

From April to June, contestants from all parts of the country will be organized to participate in the qualification contest. Qualified participants will be eligible to attend the festival in Shenzhen, and the Shenzhen Guitar Arts Festival Qualification Certificate will be issued by the Shenzhen Music Instrument Industry Association.

| 2. Network Qualification Competition:

From the beginning of May to the middle of June, players who are not in the sub-contest area can register for the contest by delivering playing videos. The qualifications of the contest can be confirmed by the online judges of the organizing committee. With the help of electronic identification codes, they can go to Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival to exchange admission tickets and participate in the festival. The online system is supported by stores and stores.

| 3. Shenzhen main venue activity flow:

Registration and conference arrangement

Grand Opening Concert

Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival Preliminary Competition

Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival Final

Jeremy Master Class

Ivan Master Class

Master Pavel Class

Ivan Special Concert

Pavel Concert

Gregory Concert



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