All competitors who sign up for the competition must register for the qualification competition in the local competition area first, and those who are not in the competition area can register for the online qualification competition after the completion of investment promotion in the competition area.

Note: Please keep an eye on the open information of the official website about the online qualifying tournament.

Application Note for Qualification Competition in Sub-competition Area

1. Prepare a photocopy of passport/ID card and two recent 2-inch color front bareheaded photos of individuals;

Go to www.GHMIGF.com or the Wechat Public Number of the Arts Festival to download the application form and bring the completed application form with a copy of the identity card to the venue.

2. The application materials must be true and complete, otherwise the Organizing Committee has the right to refuse the application.

3. Electronic payment (operated on authorized Wechat Public Number) is assisted by the selected instructor.

4. Registration deadline: June 13, 2019;

5. After passing the qualification contest, you will automatically be eligible to participate in the Guitar Competition of Shenzhen Art Festival. Please enter www.GHMIGF.com or the Wechat Public Number of the Art Festival in time to download the application form for registration.

Note: Qualification competitions will be held from May to June. Qualified participants will be eligible to attend the festival in Shenzhen and the Guitar Arts Festival Qualification Certificate will be issued by the Organizing Committee of the festival.

Application Notes for Online Qualification Competition

Players who are not in the sub-contest area may register for the festival by submitting playing videos (no less than 2 minutes of playing videos or audio, format requirements: MP4, MPEG or MP3) from mid-May to mid-June. The qualifications of the contest are confirmed by the organizing committee's network judges. With the help of electronic identification codes, the entrance tickets of Shenzhen Guitar Art Festival can be exchanged for participation in the festival. The network system is handed out by stores and traders all over the world. For platform support;


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