Iliana Matos

International Classical Guitar Palace Player

In the past 30 years, Iliana Matos has become one of the most outstanding classical guitarists in the world. As part of the 2016 World Tour "Celebrating the 30th Anniversary as a Performer", Spanish Cuban legend Iliana Matos completed a tour of 19 cities in China, including a concert at Shenyang International Guitar Festival. The North American tour included concerts in 23 cities, including famous universities, guitar associations and music festivals. In Mexico, she has completed seven city tours, including an International Guitar Festival concert and master classes organized by the Mexican National Conservatory of Music.

Matos has lived in Spain for 20 years and has contributed to the development of a new generation of Spanish guitarists while teaching at the Bali Ali Conservatory of Music, the Salamanca Conservatory of Music and the Royal Conservatory of Music in Madrid. In addition, she regularly holds master's programs around the world and performs extensively in Latin America, the United States, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Middle East.  Currently, Ms. Matos is the director of guitar research at the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Leisbridge University.

She was the winner of 11 major international competitions, including Andre Segovia of Palma Mallorca, Luis Mine and Manuel Burns International Guitar Competition. She became the first woman in history to win the famous S.A.R.La Infanta Do A Cristina International Guitar Competition and won the Special Award for Best Interpretation of Spanish Music for two consecutive years in 1995 and 1996.

Her highly acclaimed GSP CD Street Angel has won wide acclaim from critics. She ranks among the elites of today's classical guitar masters: "Her name deserves to be included in the history of guitar as one of the great performers of our time." (classical guitar magazine); a match recorded by Voice of Nature is almost as perfect as a guitar. AR Record Acquisition ____________ She is a master of music services (American Record Guide); "She has enough qualifications to replace her in the history of guitar chronicles and become a truly gifted and outstanding representative" (music web international.com); "When listening to Angels, it is impossible to believe that her name will not be the same. Made is as loud as Bram and Williams (minor 7.com).

She was included in the Spanish and Latin American Music Dictionary, Sgae and Supplement to the Encyclopedia of Guitar and Guitar, and her CD "Street Angel" was listed in the Top 100 guitar written by Canadian musician Enrique Crobichard.

Ren Hai Kai

Chinese famous classical guitarist

Yushe, Shanxi Province, graduated from the Department of Automatic Control, Zhongbei University. He has been playing classical guitar for more than 20 years, focusing on Renaissance and Baroque music, and teaching classical guitar in his spare time.

Activity arrangement

May 28th

Activity time: May 28, 2019 19:30-20:30

Venue: Nanyuan Cultural and Sports Center, Futian District

Activity Content: Special Concert

Expense Note: 380 yuan per person (Shenzhen Competition Area enrollees can watch free of charge)

May 29th

Activity time: May 29, 2019, 19:30

Venue: Nanyuan Cultural and Sports Center, Futian District

Expense Note: 800 yuan per person (Shenzhen Competition Area enrollees can watch free of charge)


Part 01 Master Class Open Class

I Student Playing

Some students are invited to perform on the stage.

II. Master's Guidance

After the students finished playing,

Master from the rhythm of the repertoire, details, fingering and other aspects

Suggestions for improvement are put forward and targeted allocation is made.

III Master Demonstration

Master demonstrates on the spot.

And share the experience and experience of guitar playing.

Part 02 Classical Guitar Concert Begins at 20:30


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