Jérémy Jouve 杰里米·约夫

Jeremy won the Academy of Music Award at the age of 13. At the age of 16, he made his first European tour. He was the only guitarist to receive the Advanced Studies course at the National College of Music in Paris. At the age of 24, Jeremy won the first prize in the GFA International Top Guitar Competition.

He is the world's most popular French guitar player, Grammy Award nominee, GFA and many other top international guitar champions, the current GFA and many other top international competition judges.

Jeremy Rufu sought to blend classical guitar with modern style in his international tour and record recording. Winning the GFA competition in 2003 enabled him to tour North America for five months, record the first Naxos record, and then record two more difficult Joaquin Rodriguez guitar solos. MelBay produced a live DVD for the concert (2009); another CD was a classic recording of his duet with the flute, which was nominated for the Grammy Award in 2014.

His album "Cavalry" was nominated for the "CD of the Month" by French National Radio FIP in April 2015, which gave his career a new direction - advocating the expansion and enrichment of existing tracks into the field of contemporary music. The works released in this album play a key role in the innovation of new repertoire. It is a kind of music without boundaries, which combines Flamenco and Indian music, and has Ravel music characteristics.

Experiencia personal/honores 个人经历/荣誉

Peloponnese Guitar Festival (Greece, 2016)

Certamen Comarca El Condado (Spain, 2015)

Hermoupolis Guitar Festival (Syros, Greece, 2014)

Andres Segovia (Linare, Spain, 2014)

Fiuggi Guitar Festival (Fiugi, Italy, 2014)

Villa de Aranda (Spain)

Vienna Guitar Competition (Austria)

Enrico Mercatali Guitar Contest (Italy)

Sinaia Festival (Romania)

Guitar Art'festival (Serbia)

JAB (Vienna)


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