Ivan Petricevic 伊凡·佩特里耶维奇

Born in Belgrade in 1987, he studied with Ante Cagalj and Croatia at the Elly Basic Conservatory of Music in Zagreb in his early years. He was admitted to the University of Music and Performing Arts in Vienna, Austria, and the University of Music and Arts in Cologne, Germany, where he continued his studies with Alvaro Pierri, Walter Wurrdinger and Roberto Aussel.

In 2009, Ivan joined the Live Music Now program of the Yehudi Menuhin's Foundation and held numerous music recitals in Vienna and Cologne, where the Foundation is located. In the same year, he was nominated by the University of Vienna as the most competitive successful performer and was awarded honorary awards by the Tokyo Foundation and the Victor Benze Foundation.

In 2012, he participated in the La Strada concert series and performed nearly 100 performances with violinists Illya Huliychuk and Kamile Kabiliute. He formed duets (duo Accordarra and Duo Ventone) with Krisztian Palagyi (accordion) and Jennifer Seubel (flute).

Experiencia personal/honores 个人经历/荣誉

Ivan Petraevic has won prizes in important competitions:

"Peloponnese Guitar Festival" (Greece, 2016);

"Certamen Comarca El Condado" (Spain, 2015);

"Hermoupolis Guitar Festival" (Syros, Greece, 2014);

"Andres Segovia" (Linare, Spain, 2014);

"Fiuggi Guitar Festival" (Fiugi, Italy, 2014);

"Villa de Aranda" (Spain);

"Vienna Guitar Competition" (Austria);

"Enrico Mercatali" Guitar Contest (Italy);

"Sinaia Festival" (Romania);

Guitar Art Festival (Serbia);

JAB (Vienna).


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